Being a competitive athlete requires dedication, heart, and a desire to succeed. Our team of professional coaches at Clarke Athletics understands athletes and what it takes to be successful. No matter the sport; our highly skilled team of strength and conditioning coaches design and implement training programs for competitive athletes that include mobility/flexibility, speed & agility, strength & power and cardiovascular and muscular endurance conditioning.

The focus of our Sports Performance program is to help athletes ages 15yrs+ get stronger and faster no matter what sport they play!

Program is held four (4) days per week 

Customized Nutrition Programs:

Everyone’s body is different, and you deserve a nutrition program tailored specifically to your body’s individual needs. Our nutritionists eliminate the guesswork and build a Custom-Tailored Nutrition Plan guaranteed to deliver results!  

With a plan designed for your specific body and goals, you can…

  • Shed the unwanted weight and body-fat…so your healthier and more confident in everything you do. 
  • Gain lean muscle, to increase strength and performance… in and out of the gym
  • Live a more energized & happy life… by getting rid of the biological burdens currently holding you back.

Our nutrition programs include:

  • Custom-tailored Nutrition Plan utilizing our unique software.
  • Full Health and Nutrition assessment.
  • Evolt Active-Bioscan Assessment -Body composition testing.
  • Biometric Measurements -Tracking inches lost and gained.
  • Goal setting current and long-term.
  • Strategies to shop, cook and eat smart.
  • Access to your Nutritionist.
  • Two-20min Consultations with your Nutritionist:
    •  Week 1- Initial Bioscan & Analysis + Creation of Custom Nutrition Program.
    •  Week 3- Bioscan & Progress assessment + Nutrition plan adjustments.

A tested and proven path to getting the results you want.


Days: Monday-Thursday

Time: 7p – 8:15p

Click below to register:

1) 4wk Pkg (April 5th – April 29th): $550.00 (gym membership must be purchased)

2) 4wk Pkg (May 3rd – May 27th): $550.00 (gym membership must be purchased)

3) Nutrition Program + Bioscan Assessment- Can be added to your package for an additional $100.00.

4) Daily Drop-In: $40.00 (gym membership or Day Pass must be purchased)

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*Max of 20 Participants