In middle school, athletics start to become far more competitive. It is also one of the first times you will have to try out for a team and a spot on the roster. It is time to give yourself the competitive edge to achieve your goals.

LTAD involves teaching and coaching athleticism, movement, balance, and strength at an age appropriate and skill- based progression of programming in a variety of youth development and sport specific programs for young athletes from the ages of 11-14, from beginner to elite.

At Clarke Athletics we understand the physical and mental demands placed on the athlete that is starting to develop. We create individualized training programs within a group setting tailored to meet each athlete’s needs. Creating assessment-based programs we place focus on both the growth and development of the athlete. Athletes under our guidance and care will gain an edge on the competition while helping to promote healthy growth and development.

This program emphasizes the development of the complete athlete and represents our most popular program. Participants of this program are trained to be stronger, faster and better conditioned than the competition. The program will focus on developing movement not muscle. Balance, agility, quickness, core stability, posture, reactivity and strength will be trained through fun and challenging drills.

The focus of our LTAD program is to help athletes ages 11-14 get stronger and faster no matter what sport they play.

Program is held four (2) days per week 



Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays


4wk Pkg (May 18 – June 26): $240.00

4wk Pkg (July 6 – July 31): $240.00

Daily Drop-In: $35.00 (gym membership not included)

*Max of 20 Participants

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