Cosmo is amazing! Off-season in person training at Clarke Athletics means refining and improving her skills, training hard and smart with incredible results. In-season, Cosmo is there, following up and always just a call away, for questions, advice and feedback. Thanks Cos for being in Ally’s corner while she trains and pushes herself to thrive at the highest levels of the game!

Amy Simpson

My boys have worked out with Clarke Athletics for several years. I attributed Cosmo and his staff as the reason they get up every weekday of summer on their own to workout – pushing the limits. Cosmo’s team do an excellent job making it fun and also productive in meeting their off season strengthening and conditioning goals! The Plano facility is clean and spacious with all the equipment needed. He’s done a great job keeping in line with covid protocol as well. Can’t say enough good things about Cosmo’s integrity and the dedication of his staff.

Suzy McCown

Cosmo is a top notch fitness instructor and employs the same top notch instructors. My son receives his instruction at Clark Athletics and loves the training and instruction he receives. Clarke Athletics trains many of the travel sports clubs in the metroplex to make their club athletes perform at their best.

Mike Smith

My nutritionist, Sammy Jackson of Transformation Nation, referred me to Cosmo Clarke of Clarke Athletics for personal training.  Sammy told me Cos is a great guy, is really knowledgeable, and that along with my nutrition plan, Cos would really be able to help me get my body in shape.  He also told me that Cos had been a professional hockey player and currently trains many hockey players.    Sammy said he would let Cos know I may be contacting him.

Once Sammy contacted Cos, I asked him if he had warned Cos that there was a big whale headed his way (and an older one at that).   I had let myself get seriously out of shape for many years and needed to lose 100+ pounds.

The first time I met with Cos, I found him to be so accepting, kind and non-judgmental.  He told me he sees everyone as an athlete (including me, Shamu).  Cos then told me we would need to find out what I liked to do so that we could work together to get my body in shape and  that we would take it in steps.  This made me feel so encouraged, that there really was hope for Shamu.  Imagine exercise being enjoyable.  This was an entirely new concept for me.

I have been training with Cos now for about four months.  He is the most knowledgeable person about the body that I have ever met.  I don’t think there’s a question about the body or exercise that he has not been able to address.  I actually enjoy my workouts and look forward to them.  Another new concept for me.  Imagine actually enjoying workouts.  Cos has taught me so many different exercises that I can do at home and provides me with a written training plan for every day of the week.   I couldn’t appreciate this more as I don’t have to go to the gym to workout but can follow my home plan and continue to exercise daily.   Throughout this process, Cos has been so encouraging and supportive, giving me hope that my body can actually become healthy again.

I could not ask for a better trainer for me.  Cos is such a classy guy who truly cares about those with whom he works.  He is knowledgeable, humble, caring, encouraging, honest, thoughtful,   and so supportive.  I couldn’t be more thankful that I was referred to him and I will be forever grateful for the time he has spent with me to guide me in returning my body to being healthy.  I feel like I am in great hands to guide me along on my journey to health and am very encouraged by the progress Cos has helped me make.

Betsy LaPaglia


Cosmo is one of the best hockey coaches in the Dallas area. His knowledge of the game, professionalism, communication skills, and ability to improve every player he works are bested by none. He takes tremendous pride in his work and is very effective.

Andrew Martin

Cosmo kicked my butt and I LOVE him for it!!!  He taught me how to push my body pass what I thought were limits and encouraged me to believe anything is possible.  I’ve had 2 kids and gained 40 lbs with each.  My goal was to rock my swimsuit at Mrs Texas and I did just that.  Cosmo focused on areas of my body that no other trainer has before.  I had muscles coming out of places I didn’t know existed!  There were times when I was tired and couldn’t go anymore and he helped me climb up and over the wall.  Because of Cosmo I was one point away from making top 5 at Mrs Texas.  Thank you for being my coach, mentor and friend!

Michelle Berndt
Mrs. North Texas America

At the age of 43 I was crowned Mrs. Dallas-Fort Worth.  I had only a short amount of time to get myself in shape to compete at the Mrs. Texas Pageant.  I had the honor of working with Cosmo Clarke.  In just 5 weeks I went down (2) dress sizes and was in the best shape of my life!  I competed at the State level feeling confident.  I am so impressed with the complex, it’s staff.  The facility is always clean organized and well maintained!  I am most proud to say that I know Mr. Clarke.  I live a bit far away and unable to train with him on a regular basis.  But, I take the things he has taught me and apply them on a daily basis!

DaLana Barsanti
Mrs. Keller America

There are varying types of Ice Hockey Spring Training Camps/Programs available. For the past 6 years my son Dominic has participated in practically all of them. Last summer, he enrolled in Cosmo Clarke’s program. In his words, “This is the best training program I have ever done.” The facilities and the equipment were outstanding. The staff also explained how each exercise and drill corresponded to which parts of the game they would effect. All phases of athletic training was incorporated in the 12 week program – endurance, strength training, plyometrics, speed, agility and on ice skill development. Dominic had his best statistical season this past year and was injury free the entire season. Much of this needs to be credited to his off-season preparation. As a parent I also appreciated the fact that Cosmo stayed in touch with Dominic during the season and would watch him play and provide feedback on his game. This to me this personal touch is going above and beyond the typical off-season training program.  If your son/daughter is serious about their game, I highly recommend Cosmo Clarke.

Albert delaGuardia

When I began working out with Cosmo, I saw my performance levels increase, as well as my own capabilities when I was working out on the side. As I have aged, he has designed different programs to help me keep additional weight off, as well increasing my strength and flexibility. I have had a few injuries over the years, and he has always gone out of his way to prepare me mentally for the rehab challenges ahead, as well as making himself available to help get me back on track with the correct training and rehab work that always impressed the doctors I would see. I’ve worked with several trainers at local high end clubs, but none that had the knowledge and capabilities as Cosmo and his staff. Whether your a 14 year old football player, or a 40 year weekend warrior, the skills and knowledge you will gain from the staff will help you produce results that will make it easy for you to feel good about the results you can achieve!

John Cadigan

Cosmo Clarke is a top notch trainer and skating instructor. He developed and executed a detailed plan that has allowed my daughter to reach her goal of playing college hockey. My child has always worked hard, but could never break through and reach past the state level of USA Hockey tryouts. After working with Cosmo not only did she make it to the district level, but was also selected first alternate to the national camp. Because of this exposure she was put in front of college coaches and has moved on. Cosmo’s plan was detailed and demanding, pushing her harder each successive week. Throughout the training when she didn’t think she could accomplish what he was asking for he supported and demanded that she give her very best. Most of the techniques that Cosmo taught her she use to this day. On a personal note I have seen Cosmo go out of his way to help others without seeking or accepting anything in return. He is a great role model to all that come in contact with him.

Judy McNeil

I have known, played for, worked with, worked out with, and trained alongside Cosmo Clarke since I was 13 years old. Over the years, I learned to see the difference between good and bad influences in sports; frequently comparing other potential mentors and coaches to Cosmo. He is an easy man to respect and has always been unparalleled in his even-keeled demeanor and insouciant approach to simple matters.

As I have matured and gone through my junior days, College, and reporting to teams during the NHL lockout; I have trained and been counseled by Cosmo Clarke – and have learned a great many things through his example of wisdom, calming responses to adversity, and patience. Throughout all of these years I have transitioned from Coach/Player relationships to Trainer/Client to friends with Cosmo.

There are many coaches and former players in Dallas, as well as many other cities of North America, who have learned valuable lessons from Cosmo Clarke; starting with focusing on a higher goal, in the game of hockey, above winning games. At the youth hockey level, many have learned from Cosmo how to understand what the game and good coaching can do for kids to help them become decent adults. As a result, many kids have found a better path than the one they might have otherwise chosen; directly related to Cosmo Clarke’s influence. I don’t know of many coaches who can boast of this type of reputation; of course, Cosmo wouldn’t even consider boasting at all.

Austin Smith

I have known Cosmo since 2005 as a hockey coach and a personal trainer for my son. He is not only an outstanding coach and trainer, but he is extremely honest and well networked. Under Cosmo’s tutelage, my son progressed steadily from high school hockey to play successfully at the AAA, junior and college levels. I am very appreciative of Cosmo’s services and guidance, and highly recommend him.

Bill Brewster

I have had the privilege to be a friend, teammate & co-worker of Cosmo Clarke and can say that Cosmo’s work ethic is second to none. Cosmo has the ability to relate with people on all levels and develop not only business relationships but turn them into long time friendships. The attention to detail is what makes Cosmo stand out above everyone else and his dedication to help those around him become stronger in all fields. I would recommend Cosmo in whatever he decided to do in life because he is a WINNER!

Craig Conley

I have had a unique relationship with Cosmo Clarke over the past 8 years or so. As an on ice hockey referee, I have interacted with Coach Cosmo Clarke as only a sports official and coach can. I have always experienced Cosmo as a respectful knowledgeable leader of people. As a colleague, we served together on a discipline committee, where Cosmo was able to demonstrate a fair and consistent voice in matters of mis-behaving hockey players and coaches.

Ken Reinhard

Cosmo Clarke is without a doubt one of the most respected individuals in the Dallas/Fort Worth hockey and sports landscape. His wealth of knowledge extends far beyond the hockey rink, as he is now known as one of the foremost sports-fitness instructors and coordinators in the area. Cosmo is someone that I would want to work with on ANY project, be it hockey, fitness, or business ventures. You won’t find a more professional individual.

Jarrod Yost

Cosmo Clarke has been involved in my children’s hockey lives since a very early age. He has been a coach, mentor, and now strength and conditioning coach. He has always guided the kids in the right direction and has always had their best interests in mind. The journey in hockey is long and Cosmo will remind you of this. His own personal hockey experiences make him the real deal.

Beyond hockey, Cosmo Clarke’s knowledge in strength and conditioning is the best in the Dallas area. He was university educated in the field and he played hockey at a high level.

He will train and teach the proper techniques and his training is specific for hockey. My son arrived at his training camp fit, ready, and aware.

His passion, genuine interest in his skates, and his knowledge of the sport make him a valuable asset in the development of any young skater. He will motivate, train, and guide any skater willing to work hard and take it to the next level.

Dr. Maria Biard. MD