2023 Spring Strength & Conditioning Camp (April 3 – May 25)

16 Mar

It’s not too late to get your child in the area’s premier off-season training program. If you want your child to excel at their chosen sport, strength training under the watchful eye of an experienced coach is the best thing that you can do for them in the off-season.

Keep your child on the path to progress during the off-season. If your child’s sports program does not have a strength and conditioning component, they are only getting half of the results they could be. Registering them in a well-run program is the BEST way to develop them into the athlete that they have the potential to be. The preparation process will include injury prevention, movement mechanics, increasing maximal strength, explosive power, energy system development, and nutritional awareness. At Clarke Athletics, our number one goal is to enhance athletic performance in a safe and competitive atmosphere. There is an overall emphasis on individualizing each athlete through proper assessment and program design. Our approach is based on proven scientific training methods and administered by experienced coaches. We expect our athletes to work hard in a fun but challenging environment. As an athlete you can expect to reach your utmost potential. As a parent you can expect your child to not only improve his or her performance, but to take away an appreciation and understanding of training and nutrition that will last a lifetime. Our program benefits all sports, positions and fitness levels.

2023 Spring Strength & Conditioning Camps

Sports Performance Foundation (9-11yr old)

Fundamental Movement Skills, Body Awareness, Stability, Athletic Development Training in a competitive environment. Age appropriate and skill-based level for young athletes. What you get: 2 x 75min session/wk (Tues / Thurs) 6:30p-7:45p April 3rd – May 25th Cost for 8wk Program is $400 or Daily Rate is $30 Register

Next Level (12-13yr old)

Base level strength, speed, movement competency and power are the attributes we will focus on with this training group. Mobility, Strength, Work Capacity, Speed, Conditioning, and Power. What you get: 3 x 75min session/wk (Tues / Wed / Thurs) 5:00p-6:15p April 3rd – May 25th Cost for 8wk Program is $600 or Daily Rate is $30 Register

High Performance (+14yr old)

Focus on strength and power while teaching active recovery strategies while always keeping movement competency standards. Mobility, Strength, Work Capacity, Speed, Conditioning, Power, Change of Direction, and Jump Training. What you get: 4 x 75min session/wk (Mon / Tues / Wed / Thurs) 4:30p-5:45p April 3rd – May 25th Cost for 8wk Program is $800.00 or Daily Rate is $30 Register