What’s It Like: Life After

What’s It Like: Life After
17 Mar

Last week we introduced our blog series “What’s It Like?” We introduced Cameron Balkom, a senior swimmer at the University of Houston, and asked about her views as a college athlete. The interview was mainly about her experiences both good and bad as a college athlete throughout her four years as a swimmer. What we did not talk about however, was what was in store for her after graduation. Her swimming career is over…so now what? What is in store for her and the thousands of graduating collegiate athletes who will not pursue a professional sports career? Fortunately we have some insight from Prim Siripipat, former Duke University tennis player and current ESPN television anchor and radio host, in her article “Moving on from sports: a college athlete’s greatest challenge”. In the article she explains about the pain felt saying goodbye to competitive sports, finding happiness after sport, and gives her advice on how to “enjoy the ride” and “trust yourself” on making the transition. It is most definitely a must read!


Two points from the article that really stuck with are:

  1. Only 2% of the high school athletes throughout the nation receive collegiate scholarships. Less than 2% of college athletes make it as a Pro. Chances of making it Pro are slim to non. This doesn’t mean it’s not possible, we at Clarke Athletics will help in anyway we can to give our athletes a fighting chance, but we also educate our athletes to make sure they understand they don’t have a hill to climb…they have Mt. Everest to conquer.
  2. Athletes have been training to succeed in the game of life since day one of their participation in sports. Athletes learn how to work to succeed. Athletes learn how to win. Athletes learn how to lose and learn from those loses. These are great lessons to apply when moving on from sport to life.

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