Here at Clarke athletics we specialize in creating a custom experience for our clientele wanting to reach their fitness goals.

Our staff has worked with clients from all walks of life with every imaginable fitness goal and we are ready and excited for the opportunity to work with you!

We offer individualized resistance and cardio training programs for each client designed for your specific goals and with any limitations, conditions, or injuries you may have.

We Train Bodies and Change Lives by inspiring our members to achieve their goals of performing better in sports and everyday life.

Our coaching methods are systematic, creative, positive, relationship centered and results driven.



In order to create your custom program we take you through an initial fitness assessment to figure out an appropriate starting point and track your progress every 4-6 weeks. The assessment includes:

  • The Functional Movement Screen
  • Body Fat Percentage and Circumference Measurements
  • Resting Heart Rate and Heart Rate Training Zones
  • Muscular Strength and Endurance Testing
  • Athletic Testing (only done for those in Athletic Development)
  • Bio Scan– Bio Impedance Assessment


Sports Performance programs are built and designed for athletes.

The primary goal of our Sports Performance program is to develop all components of physical performance for sport.



-Strength & Power

-Speed & Agility


These components are developed in order to sustain the rigors of sport while minimizing the potential for injury.

This program is suitable for athletes ages 12 and up.

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Personal Training programs are designed for individuals looking to fulfill their health and fitness goals on a one-on-one experience.

Benefits of Personal Training include, but not limited to:

-Proper exercise design,

-Proper exercise instruction,

-Motivation and Accountability,

-Needed modifications,

-Reducing chance of injury

Personal Training programs are suitable for all ages and abilities.

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Group Training programs are created for individuals looking to fulfill their fitness goals in a community setting.

Benefits of Group Training include, but not limited to:

-Same as Personal Training


-Group Support


Group Training programs are  for 2+ people, suitable for all ages and abilities.

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Flex Training programs are our version of On-Line training.

Benefits of Flex Training include:

-Giving you the Flexibility to train anytime or anywhere

-You perform your program in the comfort of your home or gym

-You have access to our staff if any questions/comments/concerns that arise

Flex Training programs are suitable for those who :

-want/need to perform a fitness program on their own

-knows how to workout but need assistance writing a program

*You will need to download a Phone App in order to follow this program.  The phone App is free of charge.

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